What do we do? Whatever it takes.

Market your business better, increase your sales faster, build your brand stronger.


Innovative Marketing & Business Development Strategy

Elevate your brand. Just like you can Rent-A-Car – you now have the ability to Rent-A-Strategist for a day, a week or as long as it takes! Let us help you plan your marketing efforts, get you aligned with your target audience and set-up a marketing plan fit for a king (or a queen, whatever the case may be). Service includes coaching, training and mentoring as well, so you can be as cool as we are.

Event Planners Extraordinaire

Whether you are famous or not, we can help plan your next event!

Have a large event coming up? We are your go-to-event planners. No one likes to do it alone, so call in the top dogs when you have an event you need to succeed. We will help with strategy, filling the seats, and all of the event details – so you can relax and do what you do best – whatever it is that you do.

Professional and Creative Writing

When a picture doesn’t paint a thousand words…

Including press releases, brochures, proposals and RFPs, business plans, script and speech writing, case studies, storyboards, sales and marketing collateral, email, newsletters, TV commercials, content marketing materials such as PowerPoint presentations, videos and more

Web Design and Content Development

Is your site responsive?

Is your website an outdated online brochure? Do prospects and customers have to scroll side-to-side when reading your website from their phone or tablet? If your site isn’t responsive, you need our help. Let us update your website – affordably – and impress your clients from the moment they click on your URL.

Presentations, Webinars, & Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action!

Once upon a time a long, long time ago, no one knew who you were….from sales presentations to webinars and video production, we can help tell your story, get your audience pumped-up and your phone ringing. Pinky swear.

Print Advertising Programs

Traditional advertising with a non-traditional twist…

In the digital age how do you justify the cost of print? Include a non-traditonal twist on print media and see ROI sky rocket. Include print with a grass roots marketing inititave and see how far a little ink can take you. From copywirting to graphic design, printing and shipping…we can handle your print jobs from start to finish…including logos, brochures, kiosks, banners, billboards, sales presentations and online graphics…you name it, we can do it (or find someone who does!).

Digital Marketing?

Yeah, we got that.

From setting up your paid search programs to creating mutliple landing pages (and we mean MULTIPLE) and shopping carts to attract and retain the right customers, let us help you with your e-commerce inititatives. Specializing in PPC, SMO, SEO, CTAs and MMM (much, much more) leave the tech talk to us and get on with perfecting your products and services.

Social Media Strategy and Implementation

How are you on social?

Did you know that your business’ Facebook page can help in your website SEO efforts? By updating your FB page and other social sites on a regular basis, Google search engines see your activity and move your website up in rankings. We can create your stratgey and help keep you socially active with weekly content updates.

Google Optimization Services

(Local, Local, Local!)

All local businesses need to claim and optimize their Google Places page. Be found at the top of Google Search! Don’t lose business to your competitors. Not sure what to do? CONTACT US TODAY! Google services include Google Places, PPC and SEO.

MMM Services (Much, much more)

So many ways to market, so little time…

One night a client asked me if I could read a book (The World Is Flat) in one day and prepare a list of questions for their client (P&G’s CEO) to ask the author (yes the author, Tom Friedman) on stage in front of hundreds of people the next day. I didn’t sleep much that night, but I got it done.

Need a TV ad? Wnat to be on the radio? Would you like ot see your company on a billboard? Would your business thrive with a podcast? We have the resources and the strategy to help you where you need it, when you need it. Don’t see a service listed here? Give us a call, chances are – we can do that , too!