Chris Flores — Three Corners Capital

It's better to give than to receive. True, but it's BEST to give AND receive. At least when you are talking about investing your hard earned money. This week on American Dreamers, our guest is Chris Flores of Three Corners Capital, and he discusses strategies that...

Jason Hertzenberg — Recycle Cincinnati

Sometimes what's old is new again. This week on American Dreamers, Jason Hertzenberg of Recycle Cincinnati talks about leaving a successful job in financial services to open up his own business, hauling away peoples junk and re-purposing the same in his shop.  Doesn't...

Steve Kehoe — Kehoe Financial Advisors

Everybody has a different relationship with money, for better or worse. For Steve Kehoe of Kehoe Financial Advisors, that means seeing things through his clients' eyes to learn more about them. It means listening, educating and guiding his clients to get them from...

Krissi & Dan Barr — The Fido Factor

On this episode of American Dreamers, our guests are Krissi and Dan Barr, authors of The Fido Factor! The book shows us how to get a leg up at work by following the example of our four legged friends. Even if your dog can't catch a ball or fetch a stick, she can still...

Tempal Grace Hitt — Grace Green Beauty

In this episode of American Dreamers, we visit Grace Green Beauty of West Chester, OH. Listen in and see how a series of events pushed Tempal Grace Hitt to develop a product, start and grow a business, develop a brand, open a manufacturing facility and plan for her...

Brent Sexton — STAC

Brent Sexton, founder of STAC, is our guest on this week's show.  Brent's company is simplifying the process of safety training verification.

Kay Fittes — High-Heeled Success

On this episode of American Dreamers, our guest does her best to UN-teach about half of our listeners what they've been taught their whole lives. Kay Fittes is a national speaker, trainer, consultant, coach and author on issues for women in the workplace. Kay leads...

Matt Marvin — MGM Consulting

Meet Matt Marvin, owner of MGM Consulting. Marvin works with business owners and corporate leaders to help maximize the potential of their business. His latest book, “Nailed It”, highlights 10 keys to crushing the interview. 

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