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Content Promotion Services


Platform Selection

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Based on your goals we’ll use different platforms to deliver your ads. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google PPC, content recommendation engines and more.

Ad Creation Services

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Our design team will create compelling ad images and ad copy.

Ad Testing

Ad Testing

We use various ad platforms to test your ads on and measure the results.

Ad Optimization

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Once we find an ad platform that drives quality traffic we optimize the ads to reduce the cost per click.

After we determine which channels will be utilized, we then prioritize and allocate budgets appropriately. Depending on your target market’s behavior, varying targeting, copy and bidding strategies will be employed. All of your paid content promotions are continually optimized with great scrutiny to reach their full potential in terms of your specific goals. We monitor all indicators and results of paid promotions so we can swiftly make the necessary adjustments.



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